Top 3 Tips For Buying Children’s Furniture

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Top 3 Tips For Buying Children’s Furniture

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Buying children’s furniture takes a lot of planning. It could even be a slightly more complicated process than furnishing other rooms, because this space actually belongs to someone else: your child. These tips just might make your job easier.

Use Space Saving Options

Most children’s rooms are not very large, and must serve a variety of functions. Therefore, it makes sense to have furniture that performs double duty, such as headboards that also perform as bookcases, or storage chests that double as stairs. Toy chests can double as seats.

Bunk beds are great if two children are sharing a room, or even for sleepovers. The Spokane Bunk Bed from Powell Furniture is a popular choice. You can also add trundle drawers to the bottom for extra storage.

Consider Safety

Make sure to buy sturdy furniture that has been well put together. It should be able to withstand rough use. Make sure there are no obvious safety hazards, such as loose safety rails on bunk beds, or ladders that are flimsy or not fastened securely.

If you are using older furniture make sure the paint doesn’t contain lead. If you are going to paint the furniture yourself, it is a good idea to use water based paints.

You should also research if there are any safety issues with the furniture you are considering buying.

Pay Attention to Style

You know what pieces you need to buy, you’ve checked all the safety issues, and now you have to decide the style of your child’s furniture.

Before you buy, make sure you know how long you want to keep the furniture. Children grow and develop at an amazing pace, and their tastes can change drastically within a short time span. If you don’t want to change the furniture frequently, you might want to stay away from theme oriented pieces that you know your child will outgrow quickly

If you want to echo the style from the rest of your home, most furniture manufacturers have a juvenile furniture department that is a modified version of their adult furniture.

Ashley’s Cottage Retreat and Cherry Cordial youth bedroom collections are examples.

Dress up the room with colorful bedding, rugs, pillows, and toys to give it the look that you and your child will love.

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